OUTREACH (special thanks to OSA Rochester Section and Dr. Stephen Jacobs for providing the Optics Suitcase)

Tennessee Women In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research

Annual hands-on workshop at the Nashville Adventure Science Museum to increase the interest of high school girls in math and science courses and to encourage them to expand their career vision to include science, technology, engineering, and research-related jobs



NanoDays is the NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) Network's annual celebration of nanoscale science, technology, and engineering that aims to bring "nano" to the public through hands-on demonstrations and interactive lectures. A copy of Prof. Weiss's NanoDays talk at the Nashville Adventure Science Center, "What's the Big Deal about Nanotechnology?" can be found at this link: NanoDays_2009.pdf.

Vanderbilt students displaying their nanoscience research, including porous silicon biosensing and nanocrystal LEDs; Make your own liquid crystal thermometers; Exploring the properties of ferrofluids


Associated with the Boy Scouts of America, the Engineering Explorers Post at Vanderbilt University is designed to introduce high school students to the diverse field of engineering through a series of hands-on demonstrations and short scientific presentations


Fun with electrochemistry: how to make porous silicon thin film mirrors

Fun with a diode laser: modulation of musical signal and long distance propagation

Fun with liquid nitrogen: shrinking of balloons


"Rainbow peephole" diffraction grating separates white light from a flashlight into all the colors of the rainbow; Thermotropic liquid crystal sheet changes color with temperature

Jon showing off his integrating sphere to measure the CIE chromaticity coordinates of LEDs; Joe explaining the basics of the prism coupler