EECE 3233/5233 Electromagnetics

This course introduces basic concepts in electrostatic fields, magnetostatic fields, and electromagnetic wave propagation in various media. An understanding of Maxwell's equations leads to fundamental knowledge about materials properties, field distributions, charge movement, and light propagation.


EECE 4252/5252 Signal Processing and Communications

The purpose of this course is to introduce a variety of concepts in analog, digital, and optical communications.


EECE 4288/5288 Optoelectronics

Optoelectronics is the merging of photonics and electronics. This course introduces the concepts of planar waveguides including dispersion, attenuation, and nonlinear effects; coupling mechanisms; lasers and LEDs; photodetectors; and modulators.


EECE 8395 Photonic Crystals

The purpose of this course is to introduce photonic crystals as a means of controlling the optical properties of materials and to focus on several applications in the areas of waveguiding, optical switching, lasers, and biosensors.


EECE 8396 Nanophotonic Structures

The course covers basic concepts and applications of nano- and micro-scale photonic components, including thin film optical structures, waveguide-based structures, and photonic crystals for photonic and optoelectronic circuits, biotechnology, and photovoltaic applications.