Actual and planned assignments 1998-1999 BME 272


Date Lecture: Assignment
8/28/98 1.  roll call
2.  review of BME 272 history, goals (asee98.ppt)
3..  overview of course web pages
4.  review of measures of society  (society.ppt)
5.  general q & a
9/1/98 1.  Prof. Harris discussed placement of seniors
2.  Linda Bird discussed the career center & cv generation
3.  Dr Collins discussed internships
4.  BME meeting this thursday!
FYI - job searching
9/3/98 Handout material  - P. King Homework #1 (handout)
9/8/98 Jim Warpinski - project & service project (see projects page)  
9/10/98 handout continued  
9/15/98 Anderson Consulting
U. Florida Competition:
and 2 brainstorming exercises...
9/17/98 handout to be continued NSF Exercise 1
9/22/98 We will need to cover Patents/Copyrights/Trademarks, continue handout material
(see overviews at: )
visit outline the process, can you improve it?  Due 9/30/98
visit read this
9/24/98 Bill Eads &/or Larry Sterenka Office of Technology Transfer (~30 min),
also Dr. Theodore Larson (~20 min) ...
9/29/98 finished handout, NSPE ethics, began consulting (see ) last 2 NSF design projects due 10/6
10/1/98 Dr. Doris Quinn spoke on QA/QI and projects. Visit this if you missed class. Get notes. suggesting reading
10/6/98 Dr. Barney Graham will speak on design of human experiments...  
10/8/98 Dr. King will complete consulting.  Begin alphabet soup of regulations.  
10/13/98 Nimesh Patel asked to be guest speaker, topic is perioperative databases  
10/15/98 Bruce Main, Guest Lecture (see ) Watch powerpoint presentation
10/20/98 Reverse engineering, project discussion & assignments - King Begin short projects.
10/22/98   Short projects  
10/27/98     " Extra credit homework here, due 12/8
10/29/98     " Database homework assigned, due 12/8
11/3/98 Guest lecture, Rick Pollock, President, Comprehensive Loss Management, Inc. designsafe homework assigned, due 12/8
11/5/98 Oral reports - short projects.  Topics due(your names, advisor, 1-2 sentence title). Begin web presence
11/7/98 TA will conduct a helpsession in JH278 at 8:30 PM to answer any questions about the material for the course exam.  
11/10/98 Final course exam.  
11/12/98 Formal proposal due.  
11/17/98 Progress report 1 due  
12/1/98 Progress report 2 due  
12/8/98 Progress report 3 due, or so, all work done for Fall semster,  deadline homework, deadline web presence