BME373: Design of Medical Products, 
Processes, and Services.
	Catalog Description :
BME373:  Spring.  Design of Medical Products, Processes, and Services.  This course 
is intended to involve graduate level engineering and management students in Medical 
Design from the initial phase of a design request as solicited from industry (or University) 
to the end product, prototype, plan, or feasibility analysis.  Instructors King 
(Engineering), Owens (OGSM).  Engineering prerequisite BME272  3 credit hours. 

 (1) Reasons for Offering Course:
A need exists in the Biomedical Engineering Department for a non-thesis Masters of 
Engineering Design Project option.  This course will allow a student to initate and 
perhaps complete this requirement.  It will in addition expose students to collaborative 
work with students and faculty in Management.
 (2)  Expanded Description or Syllabus (beyond catalogue description):
Students will receive lectures and demonstrations as necessary to ensure that all are 
familiar with the basics of team building, brainstorming, intellectual property rights and 
research, forecasting, market surveys, and design strategies. 
Students will be expected to form teams comprised of both Management and 
Engineering students.  Each team will, under the guidance as necessary of the course 
principals (and other advisors), perform:
1. task clarification and market analysis
2. concept elaboration and refinement
3. preliminary design, testing and prototyping
4. final design, testing and documentation
5. Intellectual property analysis and documentation
6. solution communication
It is anticipated that this course will be populated by professional Masters of Engineering 
students (primarily from Biomedical, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering),  with 
Master's level OGSM students, and with exceptional undergraduates with an interest in 
Masters of Engineering projects not completed in BME373 will be completed in BME 
389, Masters of Engineering Project, 0 hours.