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Roselli */bme_101_abet.htm BME101  Prometheus**00


Biomedical Engineering Thermodynamics

Collins */bme_102_abet.htm Prometheus**
210 Physiological Transport Phenomena Harris (P) */bme_210_abet.htm Prometheus**
240 a,b Senior Research Paschal */bme_240ab_abet.htm  
241 a,b Senior Project in Biomedical Engineering Education Paschal */bme_241ab_abet.htm  
251 Systems Physiology I Paschal */bme_251_abet.htm BME251
252 Systems Physiology II Jansen */bme_252_abet.htm Izio Info Pier
255W Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Haselton */bme_255_abet.htm Prometheus**
258 Medical Imaging and Lasers Galloway */bme_258_abet.htm BME258
260 Analysis of Biomedical Data Shiavi */bme_260_abet.htm Prometheus**
263 Signal Measurement and Analysis Shiavi */bme_263_abet.htm Prometheus**
271 Biomedical Instrumentation Galloway */bme_271_abet.htm BME271
272-273 Design of Biomedical Engineering Devices and Systems King */bme_272_273_abet.htm BME272   BME 273
281 Biotechnology Giorgio */bme_281_abet.htm BME281
282 Biotechnology Laboratory Giorgio */bme_282_abet.htm BME281
285 Biomedical Optics Mahadevan-Jansen */bme_285_abet.htm Izio_Info_Pier
286 Biomedical Optics Laboratory Mahadevan-Jansen */bme_286_abet.htm Izio_Info_Pier
290 a-d Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering Harris (T)    

 Modules Taught by BME Faculty

ES101_6 Electrocardiogram Capture and Analysis King */es_101_section_6.htm ES101_6
ES101_2 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Overholser */es_101_section_2.htm  
ES101_3 Biomedical Engineering in a Clinical Research Facility Harris (p) */es_101_section_3.htm  

* =

Prometheus** indicates use of a password protected on-campus system...

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