Advisor Invitation Letter 1998


Thank you for advising students in BME 273 - senior design!

Should you wish to view your project as well as those of the entire class, please visit the class web page at:

You will find links from there to both this semester's work and last (

Students are responsible for keeping you up to date weekly - with three exceptions noted at:   These three exceptions will be oral presentations of the groups' current project status, with groups presenting beginning January 12. These presentations will be in the BME conference room (5826 Sci/Eng). Four groups will report per day (MWF). You are hereby invited to attend your group(s) presentations. It is intended that this period be used for information transfer (status & plans) and problem solving (help session).

Dates for the final poster presentation and paper submission are not yet set, but will be fixed for middle to late April.

Again, thank you! I hope that this work will be mutually beneficial!