Apache II Assignment BME 272 Fall 1998

 (This is an extra credit homework, it is not mandatory.)

See Dr. King for a copy of the Apache II severity of disease classification worksheet.    Write a computer program to allow entry of data for this calculation, calculate the score for two or three example patients.  Your choice of programming language is up to you (last year it was a requiremenet that  Microsoft Visual Basic be used...)  Write up your program, briefly discuss the meaning of the score values, give an example or two.

Suggested assistance: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/Engineering/CIS/Sloan/web/es130/vbasic/vblect.html if you use VB.  Other sources exist for  Microsoft® Visual C++ ® or Visual J++(tm), other methods will also work.  I am looking for the best method...

Due before the end of this term, on or before December 8, 1998.