BME 272 Homework #2, September 2, 1997, due September 9, 1997

Given the following information:  Dr. King would like a device that will measure the amount of CO2 in the body (read flesh, not expired air) at whatever measurement point is convenient.  The device must have a dynamic response similar to that of a pulse oximeter.


Answer the following questions as best you can (spend no more than 30 minutes...)

1.  Extract from the above statement the following information:





2. Give me your impression as to:


Why (give this some thought, based upon 255, etc.)?


3.  Using whatever sources you wish, take one or more stabs at:

How (will you solve this?)


Where (on the body)?


We will cover this in more detail later, but for now guess at:


Demands (list what the device must do)


Wishes (what would be nice...)


What were your sources for the above information?