Class discussion began on 9/4/98 with a discussion of the facts that this course needs to cover the Microsoft software packages:  Visual Basic/FrontPage97or98/Excel/PowerPoint/Access, related flowcharting packages and web page development.  A few students would also be expected to learn some of Visual J++ and or Visual InterDev.

As only Excel is a common experience at this point, the class was asked to brainstorm teaching methods for these packages.

Some of the comments from the 5 brainstorming groups:

  1. HW assignments

  2. purchase texts

  3. all make web pages

  4. lectures on topics

  5. groups with varied skill work together

  6. application studies

  7. subliminal tapes

  8. teach access (& therefore VBA)

  9. guest lectures

  10. extra lab class

  11. lecture/hands on at same time...

  12. prewritten material

  13. introductory worksheets

  14. group activities

One group commented - "Why should we learn this?  What is our motivation", some discussion also ensued regarding ES130.


Why?  Dr. King showed Classified advertisements from the Sunday Tennessean, reminded the class of the original lecture on the new measure of society -information handling capability, & also mentioned the current status of ES 130...