Course Objectives, BME297 and BME 272-273 Sequence

Generic Statement: The objective of this course sequence is the development of design skills through lectures and exercises involving the design process and through the completion of a senior level design project.

Specific Objectives:  The successful student will be able to (assistive software packages available are in italics):

1.  Mandatory – high importance

Students will demonstrate their attainment of these design objectives through the successful completion of their design project work.  They will be explicitly judged on their attainment of these objectives via application of the scoring sheet devised for this purpose.  [See ]

2.  Useful to know – medium importance

Students will be exposed to the above topics via lectures in the design classroom and in the seminar course.  Understanding will be tested by examination questions.  In many design projects certain of these objectives must be met via active application in the design process.

3.  Nice to know – can learn on the job if necessary

Students will be exposed to the above topics via lectures in the design and seminar classes.  Some will be tested via homework exercises, proposal writing is required.

 This listing a joint effort of Paul H. King and Richard C. Fries, 1999, updated and added to in 2001, modified to reflect the addition of 297 and questions regarding priorities.


The pre-2005 version may be seen here.


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