BME Design Teaching Workshop Proposal 2002

Introduction: At the BMES meeting in Raleigh-Durham in October 2001 several people expressed an interest in getting design instructors together for information gathering and sharing. This coming years BMES meeting will be a joint meeting with IEEE/EMBS, this will be an ideal time to propose such an event. With the assistance of Richard Fries of Datex-Ohmeda, Jay Goldberg of Marquette, and Sean Brophy at Vanderbilt this request for funding will allow the development of an initial plan and partial financing for such a workshop. This meeting will build upon prior work at the Whitaker summit in 2000 where a subset of design instructors were involved in generating a real world problem solving document, and prior work by Jack Winters in 1994 in compiling design course information. The objective of this meeting will be to involve current biomedical engineering design instructors, potential design instructors, and a representative sample of industrial designers in a workshop on design education.

The following personnel will organize this meeting:

· Paul King, Ph.D., P.E., design instructor at Vanderbilt University, author of this document, general organizer of the meeting

· Jay Goldberg, Ph.D., P.E., design instructor at Marquette University, co-organizer, responsible for industry invitations and outreach (with Fries, below)

· Richard Fries, C.R.E., P.E., Datex-Ohmeda Corp., industry outreach

· Sean Brophy, Ph.D., Vanderbilt, Educational Consultant, discussion leader

Additional personnel and responsibilities will be recruited from those planning to attend.

Proposal: We propose a one-day workshop on October 22, the day prior to the joint meeting. Everyone with an interest in design instruction (industry and academia) will be welcome to come and participate. The proposed structure involves the brief presentation of two topics in design, followed by breakout sessions in which the participants will interact on one of the topics, followed by a summary session. This pattern would repeat three or four times for a full day of interaction. The day could start with an opening address (speakers from the FDA and the design section at NSF will be solicited) on the future of design (especially BME related topics), it will end with a dinner for the participants. Expected outcomes will be the sharing of design philosophy and needs in both oral and written form. We will plan to post the summary comments on the web.

Some suggested topics and initial pairings are:

1. How and when should design be taught? (freshman/capstone/four years,…)

2. Desired outcomes of design courses are? (industrial needs, university goals, …)

3. What structures are used to teach design? (projects, lectures, interdisciplinary,…)

4. What are the expectations for graduate design courses?

5. How are projects solicited, managed, staffed, - what works?

6. How can we better involve industry and obtain real-world problems?

7. What design tools are needed for university and industrial design?

8. How can we best sponsor a mutually beneficial yearly design competition?

The anticipated attendance at this workshop will be about 60 personnel. This group will be split between academia and industry.

Current status: A mass emailing has been done to all known BME design instructors in the U.S., as posted on the web sites maintained by King. These sites are for all known undergraduate design courses ( ) and all known graduate design courses ( ). The mailing thus went to approximately 49 undergraduate and about 14 graduate design course instructors. This mailing was repeated to all persons listed as department chairs on the BMES Chairs meeting list, with a request that if the proper person had not been contacted in the first mailing, that the message be passed on and notice was requested as to the omission.

This email solicited instructor’s interest in attending a meeting that covered the above topics, requested suggestions for additional or deletion of topics, and asked for interest in active participation. To date, 20 positive responses have been received from this mailing in terms of attendance, several have offered to moderate a session. With this initial expression of interest from academia, funding and industrial input is being sought. The listing of current responses may be seen in attachment 1.

Funding is requested for the following:    

(  funding information deleted...)

To help ensure that this workshop will be well-attended, it is proposed that it be made a no-cost add-on to attendance at the joint IEEE/EMBS – BMES meeting.

(funding detail deleted...)

Expected Outcomes: The expected outcomes of this endeavor are the following:

· Increased interaction between attending design instructors and design instructors and industry (to the benefit of both, and student placements)

· Better industry-academia understanding of design instruction needs

· A written compilation of the above listing of design topic discussions and conclusions

· A compilation of academic design philosophies, course outlines, notes, and web sites (to be solicited prior to attendance)

· A web posting of the generated written material.

Other funding:   (other funding information deleted, does not currently apply)


Attachment 1 Current Personnel Planning to attend this Design Workshop (12/18/01)



School or Industry

Current Role


Paul King




Jay Goldberg




Sean Brophy




Richard Fries

Datex-Ohmeda Corp.



Alan W. Eberhardt

University of Alabama Birmingham



Artin A. Shoukas

Johns Hopkins



David Kelso

Northwestern University



John Enderle

University of Connecticut



Joe Hidler

Catholic University



Joseph Klaesner

Washington University Saint Louis



Krishnan Chandran

University of Iowa



P. Hunter Peckham

Case Western University



Peter P. Tarjan

University of Miami



Mihaly Lenart

University of Miami



Terry N. Layton

University of Illinois, Chicago



Todd Keitel

Datex-Ohmeda Corp.



Tom Andriacchi




Vik J. Kapoor

University of Toledo



Wendy C. Newstetter 

Georgia  Institute of Technology



William Durfee

University of Minnesota



Joan Walker