Course Outline Year 2003 EKG Capture & Analysis

Date Topic Reading Assignment/other
8/27 Introduction: King    http//   has a free demo software download that I will be using in class
9/3 Medical Nomenclature: King    
9/10  review NH material: King Natural History 4/00 pages 56-65 HW1 due
9/17 Intro to ekg   HW2 assigned, due 10/1 - place in my mailbox
9/24 Intro to ekg, cont., Excel plotting   HW3 assigned
10/1 tentative ekg collection...    
10/8 ekg excel analysis, reading ekgs   Turn in your own ekg analysis (rate, comments)
10/15 Dayani Center Visit, stress test   HW5 (same as 3, 2003)
10/22 Biopac and Anesoft simulation   show me that you did another on Anesoft site (#6)
10/29 Courtney Johnson    
11/5 Visit mouse lab   HW6  (actually #7 for 2003)
11/12 Human Patient Simulator   Find and report on a HPS site (HW8)
11/19 MATLAB class (with Klein)   HW#9
12/3 Dr. Kathy Murray (with Klein)    
 12/10 Final "exam", class survey