Generic Design Links

Pravir K. Chawdhry at the university of Bath maintained a web site titled: DesignWeb -- Gateway to Internet Sites on Design, the web link was at:    It was a very comprehensive site for classical design, with an interesting link to Chawdhry's design taxonomy article "Design Web: Towards A Distributed Design Research Information Server".  Several of the major US classical design sites were listed.  When checked last, this site had dissappeared.  (See taxonomy section for some remaining information.)

Super links on manufacturing innovation at:

The NSF DMII site: is a valuable site for design innovation ideas. was an expert branching page for software safety considerations. is a current site for NASA.   A search of using the term "software safety" will turn up about 40 relevant FDA files.

An excellent overview of Pahl & Beitz's design approach was developed at Georgia Tech, the site was:, but when last checked this site was gone. is a useful resource. is a great industry resource.

The Canadian Design Engineering Network may be found at:  - a good resource.

From there look at: CORC: CDEN Online Resource Centre at  - links to hundreds of sources.

Try also: SERF: Searchable Engineering Resource Facility for another search method.

The above three links supplied by: Prof. Filippo A. Salustri, Ph.D., P.Eng., Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University



Last update 11/12/2004