Instructor & Teaching Assistant

Instructor:  Paul H. King, Room 5819 Science & Engineering 

Weekly paper schedules will be posted on my door, please sign up for visits.  I will generally be available about 10 hours a week for face to face meetings.   I normally arrive ~ 7:15am.  I will normally also be available during class times when we do not have orals scheduled..  I will generally be on campus Tu/W/Th, Mondays and Fridays will be TBA.   If my door is open & no one is with me - consider me available (which is most of my campus time.)

Phone: 615-322-2201 Fax 615-343-7919.  My telephone does have a recording option, please leave a detailed message so I can get back to you.  

email:   During the week I will normally get back with you in 2-3 hours max during the 7-5 time period.  

Teaching Assistant:  2011:     Brittany Caldwell  

Screen name of on gchat which should work with all undergraduate email since it is set up through gmail.

Office phone number (2-5960) and my office number, 5807. 

 Office Hours:

Monday 4pm-6pm

Tuesday 11am-1pm

Wednesday (IM only) 6pm-8pm

Friday 10am-12pm

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