Medical Device News Links

The listings below are sources that I often look to for information on recent device developments...

Medical Design Online:  Follow links to sign up for a daily newsletter.

Medical Industry Today:  For this newsletter go to

The CONNECT Newsletter is published weekly on Tuesdays by UCSD CONNECT, it covers news generally regarding the San Diego area Biotech Industry.   All inquiries regarding subscription to the newsletter should be sent to

Sign up for a weekly e-mail subscription to Medical Technology & Innovation by contacting AdvaMed at

A magazine called NASA Tech Briefs is very useful, go to to sign up for a weekly newsletter (a monthly print version is also available.)   One of the sites for the magazine allows a search for new technology to be licensed.

New in 2002: FDA News, to subscribe: <>.  Good daily coverage of many FDA related items of interest.

Domestic & International Regulatory, Legislative and Business News

Publications Announced By FDAnews

FALLS CHURCH VA USA -- MEDICAL INDUSTRY E-MAIL NEWS SERVICE(tm) -- JULY 17, 2002 -- FDAnews announced today its 2002 publication listing for the pharmaceutical, devices and biologics industries. FDAnews is the premier provider of domestic and international regulatory, legislative and business news and information for executives in the industries regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration and the European Commission. Current publications include:

DEVICES & DIAGNOSTICS LETTER, weekly publication

DRUG GMP REPORT, monthly publication

EUROPE DRUG & DEVICE REPORT, biweekly publication

THE FOOD & DRUG LETTER, biweekly publication

GENERIC LINE, biweekly publication

GENOMICS NEWSWIRE, weekly publication

THE GMP LETTER, monthly publication

PART 11 COMPLIANCE REPORT, biweekly publication


WASHINGTON DRUG LETTER, weekly publication

last update  September 5, 2002