Oral & Poster Presentation Schedule Spring 2001
Presentations:  5906 Sci/Eng.  9:10-10:00 MWF (E=early, L=late due to class conflicts.)

Student(s) Advisor Project Title Poster
1 Greg Wempe Dr. Bob Galloway Tracked Bipolar Stimulator 4/11
2 Michelle Malone
Melissa Garrity
Dr. Tim Holman Glucose Control System for Diabetics 4/12
3 David Thomas Dr. Bob West Muscle Biofeedback Device Development 4/11
4 Kelly Howisey
Katie Murinas
Dr. Marc Lin Building a Realistic Heart Model with Correct Muscle Fiber Orientation 4/11
5 Jessica Cullen
Amy Dassler
Sue Desai
Julie Foss, RN
Dr. Allen Kaiser
Fall Prevention Design 4/12
6 Holly Bonar
Matt Kergosien
Dr. Ted Larson Micro-Catheter Redesign 4/11
David Bach
Damon Tomlin
Russ Waitman Cardiac Data Integration & Interface 4/11

Michael Albainy
Nathan Rajalingam

 Dr. Paul Harris Nutritional Database for the CRC 4/11
9 Sarah Hembree
Ryan Ruehl
Dr. Raul Guzman Surgical Suture Pack Opening System 4/11
10 Agnella Izzo Dr. Paul Harris CRC database 4/12
11 Brian Chow
Joy Nystrom
Russ Johnson Finger tip controlled otologic instruments 4/11
12 Rasheeda Stephens Dr. Doris Quinn Improving Front Desk Processes at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center 4/12
13 Heather Sweeney
Charles Artime
Kit Eward
Suzanne Flanary
Dr. Bill Walsh Validation of Pulse Oximeter for Neonates 4/11
14 Hunter Lauten
Carlos Go Boncan
Mr. Richard Fries Emergency Ventilator Design 4/12
15 BJ Johnson Ms Nancy Darr Design of a Beach Wheelchair for a Child with Spinabifida 4/11
16 Whit Miller Dr. J. S. Williams Noninvasive Stroke Prevention 4/12
17 Jerome Santoyo
Jessica Yeager
Mr. Richard Fries Automated Ambu Bag 4/11
18 Stephanie Beatrous
Snehal Patel
Samar Sharma
Dr. D. Wasserman Design of a Skeletal Muscle Capillary Blood Flow Meter 4/12
19 Lauren Sims Dr. B. Walsh  Web-based neonatal ventilator monitoring  4/11
20 Jennifer Cheng
Nasir Siddiqui
Dr. Al Reynolds
Mark McQuain
An Automated DNA Microarray Washer 4/12
21 Purnima Patel
Shiv Tumkur
Dr. Doris Quinn Process Analysisof the VUMC oral surgery clinic 4/12
22 Matthew Schiefer Dr. Duco Jansen Spectral Image-Guided Laser Ablation of Tumor Tissue 4/11
23 Sarah Holloway
Satyen Saraswat
Dr. Edward Glaser Heel Cord Lengthening Assist Device 4/12
24 Bryan Yoder
Jeremy Bartels
Kevin Robinson Measurement of Rotational Velocity and Direction in Fastpitch Softball 4/11
25 Adam Broslat Dr. Kevin Strange Development of an Isolated C. elegan preparation 4/12
26 Jennifer Medicus
Melissa Torres
Mike Vaughn Ready To Use Products For Infants And Toddlers 4/12
27 Eric Hennessy Dr. Paul Harris Enhancing distribution of GCRC databases to Vanderbilt medical personnel via web publishing 4/11
28 Logan Clements Dr. Paul Harris GCRC Study Database Wizard 4/12
29 Peter Kilfoil Dr. Duco Jansen Pulse counter for surgical Free Electron Laser 4/11