Generic BME Project Request Letter  


Dear Professor


This Fall and Spring I shall be teaching/supervising BME 272-273, Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems I and II, a required senior Biomedical Engineering capstone design course. A major part of the course grade will come from the completion of a term project, involving the design of a biomedical system that may have a substantial software component. Such projects in the past have involved voice activated aids for a quadriplegic patient, exercise equipment design for cardiac rehabilitation patients, computer program design for an imaging system, communication aids for the ICU, development of a data acquisition system for Otolaryngology, database developments, clinic flowcharting, etc. Such projects must be completed in slightly over one semester, the total amount of effort should be about 200 hours per student. One or more students may comprise the design team, dependent on the needs of the problem.  Student projects may begin at anytime, but must be started by late October, with a completion date of late April.

Further details on the course and methods may be found on the course web page:

Approximately 80 BME students will be taking the course this year, I petition your interest and assistance in developing mutually beneficial interactions and projects.  We may also access up to 80 additional ME, EE, and CompE students.


    Student project groups may consist of up to five students.  Students may add or join with students from ME, EE, and CompE, student teams must be under the direction of one of the design course instructors (currently King in BME, Dozier in EE/CompE, Barnett in ME.)


Please respond to me directly, or by email at, or by mail to me at Box 1631 Station B, if you are interested in assisting in this effort. Please include 1) title(s)/topic(s) for project; 2) whether you would directly supervise or only suggest a topic; 3) whether or not you can supply all needed equipment and/or supplies. 4) Whether or not you wish to come to class to discuss/present your topics. A response form is included for your use as you wish. Your response as soon as possible (students must begin before November) would be appreciated so that I may present the seniors with your topics as soon as possible, and allow the students to visit you to determine interest in your projects. As soon as topics are agreed upon, the remainder of the Fall and all of the Spring semester then will be devoted to development of the required instrumentation, programs, etc.


    If you have a graduate level project that I can propose in our combined Masters of engineering/ Graduate School of Management design course, I would appreciate that topic also.



Thanks for your cooperation in the matter.


Paul H. King, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

 Response Form - BME 272


Subject: BME 272  Design Course suggestions

 ____ (1) Id like one or more students for the following projects:



____ (2) I will supervise these students ____ (2a) My staff will supervise these students

 ___ (3) I have money & supplies to support this work ./ or/ ____ (3a) We will need some support (approximately $____ or supplies: ______________________________)

___ (4) I would like to discuss my subjects with the class: Class meets 11:00-12:15 Tu-Th , best time: __ Tu __Th.

____(4a) I would like to solicit multipe majors and students (seminar is 4-5 Wednesdays, ~ 5:00 is available)

___ (5) Give me a call - we need to discuss this: Phone: ________________

__ (6) Please take me off your mailing list.

 Please return as soon as you can, preferably before the mid August. Thank you for your help!