Software Tools for BME Education


Here is an article titled: Software Aids for Biomedical Engineering Design Courses that was presented in Chicago in 2000.  Here is the PowerPoint Presentation.

Here is a link to a fairly complete listing for commercial software simulation packages: many of which are applicable to medical and industrial processes.   

One package not on this list is ithink, from High Performance Systems, see for ithink and Stella.  It will be used to simulate clinic flow problems.

Another of value that will be investigated for use in BME Design is MindManager (see ) - it will be used for organizing thoughts from Brainstorming sessions, etc.

Not detailed in the Chicago talk is the use of Innovation Workbench for structured design and problem solving work, details on this software may be found at:  A related piece of software, "Knowledge Wizard" may be used next Spring in an Entrepreneurship course for Freshmen.

For projects involving low data acquisition rates, Dataq sells a serial port A/D card and software package.  See , look for their starter kit with CD, the DI-194 system.  This system will be used in a one-hour module on EKG capture and analysis that is taught in the Fall term, it could easily be applied to a number of senior design projects.  Cost is $15.

The University of West Florida has a Concept Mapping Tool that can be used to conveniently generate concept maps.  It is currently free.  Download site: .  Concept mapping can be used to check student progress, detail curricula, etc.  We will link to an ASEE paper here in the near future...

more to be added...


Last update May 13, 2002.