Student Project Listing 1999-2000 BME 272-273 (FINAL)

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Group Number Students Advisor Project Title
1 Jaime Baber
Steve Bassler
Dr. Joseph Bruner Uterine Retraction Device
2 Tammy McCreary Dr. Bob Galloway Rigid Body Computer Aided Design Software Improvement and Cryogenic Probe Design
3 Chris Shen Dr. D-Brent.Polk Design of a Device for Measuring Epithelial Cell Migration
4 Denise Cabeza
Nikki Parks
Dr. D-Brent.Polk The Effect of Epiderminal Growth Factor on Intestinal Epithelial Cell Receptors
5 Umang Dosi Dr. Doris Quinn Systematic Determination of Clinic Space Requirements
6 Ryan Beasley Dr Paul King TechOptimizer Examples
7 Elaine Isom
Michelle Carlsen
Brad Klosterman
Ornob Roy
Dr. Thomas Doyle Vascular Occluder Devices
8 Divia Patel
Angela Powe
Stacie Scheib
Dr. John Penn Oxygen Control System Development
9 Andrew Myers
Ross Fuller
Dr. Jon Cohen Data Acquisition System for Sleep Study Analysis
10 Katie Krochak Dr E Duco Jansen Design and Construction of a Transgenic Animal model for Non-invasive Measurement of Angiogenesis
11 Asif Lala
Aim Jirut
Dr. Jack Roberts Head Restraint System for Race Cars
12 Tiffany McAninch Prof. Rick Haselton
Mark McQuain
Optimize DNA Microarrays
13,i Maja Zavaljevski
Alissa Schaeffer
Dr. David Kelso DNA Chip for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
14 Wan-Yin Chan
Megan Lan
T.J. Payne
Dr. Steven Couch Handicapped Operated Riding Mower
15 Calley Hardin
Chris Baughman
Dr. Duco Jansen Automated Laser Spotsize Measurements
16 Gwen Banks
Jennifer LeBlanc
Dr. A. B. Brill Lead Detection System for Brain
17 Jenadi Davis
Rachael Harmon
Wida Kamal
Dr. Dennis Stokes Infant Pulmonary Testing
18 Thomas Thomasson
Nirav Patel
Dr. David Zealear A Device for Quantitation of Synkinetic Re-innervation of a Laryngeal Muscle
19 Peter Blach
Jace Curtis
Dr. Art Brodersen The Virtual Lab
20 Katherine Pauley
Shawn Chapman
Becky Meyer
Dr. Paul King ImplantableThree-Lead EKG Device
21 Roli Kumar Dr. Marc Lin Cardiac Cell Adhesion to a Rotating-Wall Vessel
22 Joshua Nipper
Mark M. Wasfy
Aimee Epler Modified wheelchair design to compensate for one-hand dominance.
23 Erika Brown
Caryl Brzymialkiewicz
Mark Carlson
Dr. Drew Gaffney Bi-ventricular Assist Device
24 Kandice Kolerus
Nicole Terpak
Robert Couch
Kevin Robinson
Fun Toy for Disabled Children
25 John Gouda Dr. Alan Bradshaw
Dr. Rubin Aliev
Dr. John Wikswo
Design of a Simulation Toolbox for Gastrointestinal Electrical Activity
27 Grace Gaylord
Benjamin. Schnitz
Mr Kevin Robinson Design of an Ambulatory Brace for Children with Spinabifida
28 Christopher Burgoyne
Shane Hubbs
Jon Carlini
Dr. Paul King System for Security Servicess
29 Erica Osadzinski
Todd Dhavale
Dr. Dennis Stokes Pancreatic Enzyme Delivery Device
30 Tiffany Tarrant Dr. Todd Giorgio Programming of a biosimulator
31 Kevin Smith
Brian Cox
Dr. Anita Mahadaven-Jansen Identification of Bacterial Strains Causing Otitis Media Using Raman Spectroscopy
32 Alexander Choe
Rohit Mittal
Dr. Dan Lindstrom
Dr Bill Walsh
Visual Alarm System for Ohmeda Biox 3700 Pulse Oximeter
33 Robert Connor Dr. Robert Roselli Customization of Teaching Resources for Harris HillmanSpecial Education School
34 Sebastien Daleyden
Vincent Goussen
Dr. Paul King designsafe studies in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering