Student Project Listing 2001-2002 BME 272-273
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Name(s) Advisor Topic
1 Brita Roy
Beth Kerr
Dr. Todd Giorgio Genetic Identification of Hazardous Indoor Air Organisms
2 Jordan Winston
Mark Rawls
Dr. Raul Guzman Leg compression device to assist in ultrasound testing
3 Jim Herbst Dr. Ed Glaser Ergonomic Chair Design
4 Pamela Tebebi Dr. Peter Konrad O. R. X-ray sighting system
5 Matt Nichols
Anand Krishnan
Dr. Mike McDonald Mouse Maze Design
6 Clark Hyde Dr. Todd Giorgio Magnetic Flow Cytometer
7 Jared Sims Dr. Alan Bradshaw Noise reduction system for gastrointestinal electrophysiology
8 Trung Nguyen
Christina Mathieson
Dr. Thomas Doyle Patent Ductus Occluder
9 Jerry Wilmink
Jon Wells
Dr. Franz Baudenbaucher Biomems
10 Meredith Grow
Alencia Woodard
Elizabeth Schlaeger Scrum Machine Attachment
11 Kristin Gerdelman
Brad Husser
Mr. Bob Allen
Mr. Don Johnson
Development of a coating system for non-hermetic implantable electronic devices
12 David Schulte Lawrence Gettleman DDS Prototype Annular Saw Development
13 Lanita Adams Dr. Raul Guzman Sponge Counting Method Development
14 James Terrell Kevin Robinson Biomechanics Demonstrations
15 Michael Carlson
Cressida Baccay
Mr. Rich Fries IV Drug ID Project
16 Ryan Jareck
Samantha Souyoul
Dr. Ed Glaser Orthotic Sandal Project
17 Amanda Flynn
Loren Jones
Dr. Dan France Blood Transfusion Safety
18 Cathy Castellon Dr. Haselton Protein Separation
19 Tara Ryan
Mike Phipps(ME)
Dr. Haselton Automating the Cell Culture Sampling Process
20 Kylene Kownurko Ms. Mollie Malone Aquatic Rehabilitation Float Development
21 Joseph Owens-Ream Ms. Melissa Kirby
Dr. Tom Cleveland
Voice Rehabilitation
23 David Gilpin
Chris Moore  
Dr. Pradeep Modur Early Warning Epilepsy Detection System
24 Robert Iversen
Lynne Falk  
Dr. Dennis Hallahan Paramagnetic Dispersion
25 Theresa Carr
Adrienne Dula
Ms.  Reesi Davis Visual Tracking Toy for Handicapped Child
26 Jared Cobb
Michael Lawrence
Dr. Ed Glaser Sole Supports Flexometer
27 Kevin Johnson Dr. David Zald Gustometer
28 Kara Bliley
Gina Lee
Allison Powers
Dr. Tina V. Hartert Pulse Oximetry to Demonstrate Lung Physiology  
 29 Megan Davis
Lauren Shipp
 Dr. Joesten Structure and Function of Lungs &
 Semipermeable membranes and Osmosis
 30 Patrick Pickett  Dr. Bob Galloway Use of Electronic Surveillance Technology to Track Laparotomy Sponges
31 Adam Winchell Dr. Dale Evertson Protein Crystallography
32 Zachary Newton
Rachael Shevin
David Matthews Educational Display Development
33 Mark Crowe
Viral Patel
Dr. David Pickens Integration of a Pressure Transducer into a MR Compatible Software
34 Craig Hewitt
Charles Hogancamp
Dr. R. Stone Assessment and Redesign of a Mister
35 Kristen Champion Vicki Metzgar Structure & function in biology
36 Jarntip Pitayagulsarn  Cynthia Harmon Dr. Ted Larson Catheter tip design
37 Creunda Crenshaw Jason Roberts Assistive Device