Current Research within the CRL


Efficient Robot Control and Learning
A Biologically Inspired Adaptive Working Memory System for Efficient Robot Control and Learning [University of Missouri, Columbia Subcontract]

Intentional Vision in Humans and Robots
A Study of Intentional Vision in Humans and Robots
[Peabody -- CIS Collaboration]


Visual Attention on the SES
Image mapping and visual attention on a Sensory Ego-Sphere

ISAC Humanoid Robot

Platform Description
The ISAC (Intelligent Soft Arm Control) Humanoid Robot is the central humanoid robot in the CRL.

In-House Research

Cognitive Robot Architecture
MultiAgent-Based Cognitive Robot Architecture

Cognitive Control
Use of the Central Executive Agent (CEA) to achieve cognitive control

Machine Consciousness / Self Agent
The Self Agent (SA) is responsible for ISACís cognitive activities.

Internal State-Based Systems
Methodology for capturing preference information through the use of artificial emotions, drives, and motivations.

Episodic Memory
Development and Implementation of an Episodic Memory for a Cognitive Robot

Percept-Behavior Association Learning
Learning Percept-Behavior Combinations for a Cognitive Robot

Internal Rehearsal
The Internal Rehearsal System (IRS) is used to predict consequences to actions.

IMA 2.5
Porting IMA 1.0 agents to IMA 2.5 agents.

State Machine
Method of defining which actions happen at different points in a task executed by a robot.

Undergraduate Research

Arm Control of a Humanoid Robot
Development of a stand-alone control program for ISACís right arm