Human Agent

The Human Agent (HA) is the humanoid robot’s internal representation of the human being in its environment. This includes information about the physical and cognitive states as determined through conversation and observation.

The HA is defined as a virtual agent that serves as in internal active representation of the robot’s environment. We use the term ”active” to indicate the system can take action to produce appropriate social interaction behaviors. This allows the system to observe the person passively, but more importantly, to chose measures to bring about a desired interaction. To accommodate development on the ISAC platform, the Human Agent was developed as a collection of agents in the IMA.

The Human Agent system refers to the collection of agents and structures which allow the HA to function. The core of the Human Agent is shown in Figure 1. It has been realized as a collection of IMA agents, which address the various aspects of interaction.

The role of the Human Agent is to fulfill two major functions, specifically, representing and interacting with people. The first role is monitoring and representing humans in their environment. The second role is to facilitate a social interaction. Currently, we have a Ph.D. candidate who is conducting the lab’s first total agent system experiments with the Human Agent. We plan to submit her work as part of our final report, once she completes it.

Figure 1. The Human Agent System