Previous Sponsored Research and Projects within the CRL

Sponsored Research


Learning Robotic Control from Humans
Learning motion behaviors from human motion through teleoperation

Sensor Fusion and Attention
Using the SES to fuse sensor data and produce attention.

Segway RMP
The Segway RMP mobile robotics platform.

Verbs and Adverbs
The use of a technique originally intended for use in computer animation to interpolate new motions for ISAC.


July 1999 to June 2002
A software architecture that enables a robot to learn by example and from experience, then share that knowledge with other robots.

ISAC Development

Intelligent Soft Arm Control

Machine Vision 2002
Towards humanlike vision characteristics for ISAC.

1998 to 2002
The development of pneumatically controlled artificial muscles currently implemented on our humanoid robot.

1998 to 2003
Biologically Inspired Actuators - Towards the use of pneumatic muscles for lifelike movement.

Humanoid Hands

1999 to 2002
These hands are implemented on ISAC.

Other Projects

EMG Robot Control

2002 to 2004
Robotic control using EMG signals.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)

Research in the area of intelligent and advanced manufacturing, such as holonic manufacturing and remote manufacturing systems.

Theremin Playing Robot

A theremin playing robot developed in the lab.

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