Previous Research Within the IRL

Sponsored Research


July 2002 to December 2003
Mobile robot team integration.


July 1999 to June 2002
A software architecture that enables a mobile robot to learn by example and from experience, then share that knowledge with other robots.


July 2001 to September 2002
Adaptive human-robotic interfaces for mobile robotic teams.


1999 to 2002
This mobile robot was used in the DARPA MARS project.

Other Projects

A Novel Vision System
This paper describes the implementation of a novel vision system on the MATILDA robot.

Generating 3-D Cognitive Maps
Laser data collection using a 2-D laser scanner was performed in both indoor and outdoor environments to generate 3-D cognitive maps.

Implementing a Robust 3-Dimensional Egocentric Navigation System Design of a robotic system to visually locate landmarks, apply them to an egosphere, and, using 3-Dimensional calculations, determine the robots correct path.

PDA-Based Control

2003 to 2004
Adaptive interfaces for controlling a robot using a PDA.

ROBIN Robotic Inspector

Patented 1996
ROBIN the ROBotic INspector was developed as a multi-purpose, wall-climbing robotic inspection vehicle for use on planar surfaces.