• Katherine Achim Fleming: Ph.D., May 2009
    Dissertation: Organization and Prioritization of Sensory Information Using an Ego-Centered, Locally-Connected Network

  • Paul Fleming: Ph.D., May 2009
    Dissertation: Monitoring and Control in Friction Stir Welding

  • Stephen Gordon: Ph.D., May 2009
    Dissertation: Investigating the Cognitive Processing of Experimence for Decision Making in Robots: Accounting for Internal States and Appraisals

  • Jonathan Hunter: Ph.D., May 2009
    Dissertation: Human Action Segmentation and Recognition with a High Dimensional Single Camera System
    Texas Instruments
    Applications Engineer

  • Juan Rojas: Ph.D., May 2009
    Dissertation: Autonomous Cooperative Assembly by Force Feedback using a Control Basis Approach

  • Esubalew T. Bekele: M.S., May 2009
    Thesis: Object Detection and Localization using Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search: Random Tree Implementation

  • Sean Thornton: M.S., May 2009
    Thesis: Real-time Gesture Imitation in a Soft-arm Control Robot

  • Chris Costello: M.S., August 2008
    Thesis: Change-detection with limited situational awareness

  • Sean Begley: M.S., May 2008
    Thesis: Gesture Recognition and Mimicking in a Humanoid Robot

  • Baris Ulutas: Ph.D. Student, 2007-2008

  • Palis Ratanaswasd: Ph.D., December 2007
    Dissertation: Implementation of Cognitive Control in a Humanoid Robot

  • Joe Hall: M.S., December 2007
    Thesis: Internal Rehearsal for a Cognitive Robot Using Collision Detection

  • Christina Campbell: Ph.D. Student, 2004-2007
    Epic Systems, Madison WI

  • Ashish Gupta: Ph.D. Student, 2006-2007

  • Soradech Krootjohn: Ph.D., August 2007
    Dissertation: Video image processing using MPEG technology for a mobile robot
    Department of Computer Education, Faculty of Technical Education
    King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok
    1518 Piboolsongkram Rd.
    Bangkok 10800 Thailand

  • Mert Tugcu: Ph.D., August 2007
    Dissertation: A computational neuroscience model with application to robot perceptual learning

  • Xiaochun (Amy) Wang: Ph.D., August 2007
    Dissertation: A Vision-Based Perceptual Learning System for Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • Santosh Katwall: 2005-2007

  • Chris Garber: Master's Student, 2005-2006

  • Josh Phillips: Ph.D. Student, 2004-2006
    transferred to University of California, Merced

  • Albert Spratley: M.S., August 2006
    Thesis:Verbs and Adverbs as the Basis for Motion Generation in Humanoid Robots

  • Kevin Kirby: B.E., May 2006

  • Mus'ab Shaharom: B.E., May 2006

  • Karla Conn Welch: M.S., August 2005
    Thesis:Supervised-Reinforcement Learning for a Mobile Robot in a Real-World Environment

  • Will Dodd: M.S., August 2005
    Thesis: The Design of Procedural, Semantic, and Episodic Memory Systems for a Cognitive Robot
    Medical Student, Class of 2011
    Quillen College of Medicine, Johnson City, TN

  • Katherine Achim Fleming: M.S., August 2005
    Thesis: Image Mapping and Visual Attention on a Sensory Ego-Sphere

  • Paul Fleming: M.S., August 2005
    Thesis:Implementing A Robust 3-Dimensional Egocentric Navigation System

  • Stephen Gordon: M.S., May 2005
    Thesis: Cognitive Map Generation for Localization and Navigation from 3D Laser Scan Images

  • Jonathan Hunter: M.S., May 2005
    Thesis: Object Recognition using Fuzzy Membership Function Rules

  • Ridelto Gutierrez: Ph.D. Candidate, 2004-2005
    Electrical Engineering Department / Mechanical Engineering Department
    Vanderbilt University

  • Edward E. Brown, Jr.: Ph.D., July 2004
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    79 Lomb Memorial Drive
    James E. Gleason Building
    Rochester, NY 14623
    phone: 585.475.7043
    fax: 585.475.5845

  • Kimberly A. Hambuchen: Ph.D., May 2004
    NRC Research Associate
    NASA Johnson Space Center
    Mail Code ER4
    Houston, TX 77058
    Dissertation: Multi-Modal Attention and Event Binding in Humanoid Robots using Sensory EgoSphere

  • Hande Kaymaz-Keskinpala: M.S., May 2004
    Thesis: PDA-based Teleoperation Interface for a Mobile Robot

  • Jian Peng: Ph.D., May 2004
    Dissertation: Extraction of Salient Features from Sensory-Motor Sequences for Mobile Robot Navigation

  • Juan Rojas: M.S., May 2004
    Thesis: Sensory Integration with Articulated Motion on a Humanoid Robot

  • Li Sun: M.S., May 2004
    Thesis: Binocular Vision System for a Humanoid Robot

  • Mert Tugcu: M.S., May 2004
    Thesis: Perception Systems for Mobile Robots

  • Andy Cook: B.E., May 2004

  • Chris Costello: B.E., May 2004

  • Danny Martinez: B.E., May 2004

  • Ann S. Choe: B.E., May 2004

  • Roy (Bear) Sunderland: B.E., May 2004

  • Steven Ferguson: Masters Student, 2003-
    Atlanta Georgia

  • Xinyu Ao: M.S., December 2003
    Thesis: Acquisition of Topological Action Maps through Teleoperation

  • Christina Campbell: M.S., December 2003
    Thesis: Learning through Teleoperation on Robonau

  • Tamara E. Rogers: Ph.D., August 2003
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Tennessee State University
    3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.
    Nashville, TN, 37209
    Phone: (615) 963 1520
    Dissertation: The Human Agent: A Model for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Duygun Erol: M.S., August 2003
    Thesis: Development of Procedural Memory for Humanoid Behavior and Task Learning

  • Anthony Alford: Ph.D., May 2003
    Software Developer
    GoTo Auctions
    5001 Hospitality Court, Suite 100
    Morrisville, NC 27560
    Phone: (919) 654-6527
    Dissertation: Design and Implementation of the Self Agent System in a MultiAgent-Based Robot Control Architecture

  • Carlotta A. (Johnson) Berry: Ph.D., May 2003
    Assistant Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Moench Hall, D-211
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    5500 Wabash Avenue, Campus Mail 110
    Terre Haute, IN 47803-3999
    Phone: (812)877-8657
    Dissertation: Enhancing a Human-Robot Interface Using a Sensory Egosphere

  • Ahmet Bugra Koku: Ph.D., May 2003
    Mechanical Eng. Dept. F-213
    Middle East Technical University
    06531 Ankara, Turkey
    +90 (312) 210-5226
    Dissertation: Egocentric Navigation and its Applications

  • Phongchai Nilas: Ph.D., May 2003, M.S.,
    Masters Thesis: Map Construction and Navigation for Mobile Robots Using Sonar Transducers
    Ph.D. Dissertation: A MultiAgent Based Architecture for an Adaptive Human-Robot Interface

  • Roberto Olivares: M.S., May 2003
    (working for IBM, but please use home address)
    382 Great Road, Apt. 104B
    Acton, MA 01720
    615.525-3732 (Cell)
    Thesis: The Intelligent Machine Architecture Version 2.5 : A Revised Development Environment and Software Architecture

  • Scott Renkes: B.S., May 2003

  • Turker Keskinpala: M.S., December 2002
    Masters Thesis: Knowledge Sharing and Visual Perception Correction for Mobile Robots

  • Uttapol Smutkupt: Ph.D., August 2002
    Dissertation: Simulation of an Internet-Based Remote Assembling System

  • Surachai Suksakulchai: Ph.D., August 2002 
    517M9  Soi Prachautit 24, Prachautit Rd.
    R?tburana, Bangkok 10140 Thailand
    Dissertation: A Behavior Monitoring Architecture for a Mobile Robot 

  • Anak Bijayendrayodhin: M.S., May 2002 
    123 Petburi Road Rajthevi 
    Bangkok 10400 Thailand 
    Thesis: Design of the Peer Agent for Multi-Robot Communication in an Agent-Based Robot Control Architecture

  • Kanok Kusumalnukool: M.S., May 2002
    Thesis: The Robot Self-Agent for Mobile Robot 

  • im Crookham: B.S., May 2002

  • Siripun Thongchai: Ph.D., December 2001
    Deputy Director
    Thai-French Innovation Centre
    King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok 
    1518 Piboolsongkram Rd.
    Bangkok 10800 Thailand
    Dissertation: Intelligent Control and Learning Techniques for Mobile Robots

  • Kelly McKean: B.E., December 2001

  • Mark Cambron: Ph.D., August 2001
    Department of Engineering
    Western Kentucky University
    1 Big Red Way
    Bowling Green, KY 42101
    Phone: (270) 745-8868
    Dissertation: Sensory Motor Control for Grasp Pose Estimation in a Humanoid Robot

  • Steve Northrup: Ph.D., August 2001
    18 Plymouth Rd
    Longmeadow, MA 01106
    Phone: (413)782-1620
    Dissertation: A PC-based Controller for the Soft Arm Robot

  • Sudong Shu: M.S., May 2001
    Fraunhofer USA
    15 Saint Marys St.,
    Brookline, MA 02446
    Thesis: Adaptive Manufacturing Scheduling System Development

  • Sangita Venkatachalam: M.S., May 2001
    Thesis: Modeling of Agent Behavior in Human Humanoid Interaction using Model Integrated Computing

  • Bin Zhang: M.S., May 2001
    Analog Devices Inc.
    21 Osborn St.
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Thesis: Arm Gesture Recognition for a Humanoid Robot

  • Yaning Liu:M.S., December 2000
    Thesis: Human-Robot Audio Interaction

  • Brian Maciel: M.S., December 2000
    Thesis: A Comparison of Neural and Statistical Techniques in Object Recognition

  • Ali Safak Sekmen: Ph.D., August 2000
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Tennessee State University
    3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.
    Nashville, TN, 37209
    Phone: (615) 963 5712
    Dissertation: Human-Robot Interaction Methodology

  • Joe Driscoll: Ph.D., May 2000
    Dissertation: A Comparative Analysis of Model Parameters in Evolutionary Robotics

  • Atit (J.J.) Srikaew: Ph.D., May 2000, M.S., May 1998
    School of Electrical Engineering
    Suranaree University of Technology
    Nakhon Ratchasima, 30000, Thailand
    Dissertation: A Biologically Inspired Active Vision Gaze Controller
    Thesis: Direction of Attention Using a Model of Human Visual Selection

  • Pinij Kanchanasevee: Ph. D., August 1999
    Dissertation: Contract-Net Based Scheduling for Holonic Manufacturing Systems

  • Siam Charoenseang: Ph.D., August 1999
    Associate Professor
    Director of Graduate Program in Robotics and Automation
    Institute of Field Robotics
    King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
    Suksawasd 48 Bangmod
    Bangkok 10140 Thailand
    Phone: (662) 470-9339, 470-9691
    Dissertation: A PC-based Virtual Reality System for Dual-Arm Humanoid Robot Control

  • Jonnathan H. Kim: Ph.D., May 1999
    Dissertation: Dynamic Pupil Analysis Based on Computer Vision and its Impact on Gaze Determination

  • Jerry Tung: B.E., May 1999

  • Joe L. Christopher, Jr.: M.S., May 1998
    Thesis: A PneuHand for Human-Like Grasping on a Humanoid Robot

  • Mohamed Azmi Said: M.S., May 1998
    Manager - New Enhanced Services, OLS
    Telekom Malaysia Berhad
    Kelana Park View Tower (1st Floor)
    1, Jalan SS 6/2
    47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Thesis: Direct Estimation of Time to Impact from Log-polar Mapping and Optical Flow

  • Rick Watson: M.S., May 1998
    Software Developer
    Advanced Technology Group
    Stingray Software
    9001 Aerial Center, Suite 110
    Morrisville, NC 27560
    Phone: (800) 924-4223 / (919) 461-0672
    Thesis: Distributed Task Sequencing for a Humanoid Robot Using Spreading Activation Networks

  • Todd Pack: Ph. D., May 1998
    Senior Software Developer
    IS Robotics, Real World Interface, Div.
    Jaffrey, NH
    Dissertation: IMA: The Intelligent Machine Architecture

  • David Wade: M.S., May 1997
    Computer Engineer
    U.S. Air Force, Kelly AFB,
    Automatic Test Systems Division
    Kelly AFB, TX

  • Jason Barile: M.S., August 1997
    Test Manager (Visual Studio Team Foundation Server)
    Microsoft Corporation
    4825 Creekstone Drive
    Durham, NC 27703
    (919) 474-4951

  • Software Design Engineer in Test
    Bldg. 31/3085
    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052-6399
    Phone: (425) 703-8926
    Thesis: Color Segmentation for Focus of Attention in an Active Trinocular Camera Head

  • Bei-fang Qiu: M.S., August 1997
    Sr. Member of Technical Staff
    Cadence Design Systems
    555 River Oaks Parkway
    Mail stop 2B1
    San Jose, CA 95134
    Thesis: Face and Facial Feature Detection in a Complex Scene

  • Kiran Vaya: M.S., August 1997
    Software Engineer
    Motorola Corporation
    1303 E. Algonquin Rd.
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    Thesis: Gesture Recognition using Hidden Markov Models

  • Magued Bishay: Ph.D., February 1997
    Senior Staff Systems Engineer
    Multimedia Communications Devision
    Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc.
    4311 Jamboree Road
    Newport Beach, CA 92660-3095
    Phone: (714) 221-5797
    Dissertation: Hand-Eye Coordination with an Active Camera Head

  • Ashraf Saad: Ph.D., August 1996
    Associate Professor
    School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    210 Technology Circle
    Savannah, GA 31407-3039
    Tel: 1.912.966.7916? Fax: 1.912.966.7836
    Dissertation: Agent-Based Dynamic Decentralized Scheduling for Flexible Manufacturing Systems

  • Moenes Z. Iskarous: Ph.D., August 1995
    Staff Design Engineer
    MS RNB6-16
    Microprocessor Product Group
    Intel Corporation
    2200 Mission College Blvd.
    Santa Clara, CA 95052
    Phone: (408) 765-7918
    Dissertation: Modeling and intelligent control using a neuro-fuzzy network.

  • Robijn Hage: M.S., August 1995
    University of Twente
    Sallandse Roe 22
    8252 JW Dronten
    The Netherlands
    Phone: +31-3210-80517
    Thesis: Modelling of Human-Like Arm Movements

  • Cassandra T. Swain: Ph.D., June 1995
    Member of Technical Staff
    Bell Laboratories
    Lucent Technologies
    Visual Communications Department
    101 Crawfords Corner Road, Room 4B-505
    P.O. Box 3030
    Holmdel, NJ 07733-3030
    Phone: (908) 949-2470
    Dissertation: Improving the accuracy of defocus-based depth estimation using fuzzy logic.

  • Sugato Bagchi: Ph.D., June 1995
    Research Staff Member
    Production, Distribution, Transportation Research
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    P.O. Box 218
    Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
    (914) 945-3659
    Dissertation: Planning under uncertainty by spreading activation through an adaptice probabilistic network.

  • Sameh Asaad: M.S. May, 1995
    Staff Engineer
    Display Systems Group
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    PO Box 218 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
    Tel: (914) 945-3000
    Thesis: A Low-Cost, Real-Time, Intelligent Vision Sensor

  • Koji Fujiwara: M.S., May 1994
    Electric Information Engineering Division
    Takatsuki Laboratory
    Minolta Co., Ltd.
    1-2, Sakura-Machi, Takatsuki, Osaka 569
    Thesis: Visual detection of objects using multi-color cues.

  • Rudi Ernst: M.S., August 1993 Project Manager
    Technology and Strategic Planning
    American Broadcasting Company
    47 West 66th Street
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: (212)456-4344
    Thesis: Real-time stereo vision-based tracking

  • Mourad El-Gamal: M.S., June 1993 Professor
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    McGill University
    3480 University Street
    Montreal, P.Q. H3A 2A7
    Phone: (514) 398-7139
    Thesis: 3D Object tracking from noisy images using an extended Kalman filter

  • Atsushi Kara: Ph.D., August 1992
    Dept. of Information Engineering
    Nara National College of Technology
    22 Yata-cho, Yamato-Koriyama, Nara 639-1080
    Dissertation: 3D structure reconstruction from two perspective projections

  • Mehmed Ozkan: Ph.D., December 1991
    Associate Professor
    Biomedical Engineering Institute
    Bogazici University
    80815 Bebek
    Phone : ++90-212-263-1500 ext 2162
    Dissertation: Semi-automatic stereotactic radiosurgery with neural network-based multi-modal image segmentation and geometric analysis of the lesion

  • Cindy Greenwood: M.S., 1991 Assistant Professor
    Nashville St te Technical Institute
    Nashville, TN
    Phone: (615) 353-3333
    Thesis: Computer Simulation of the Soft Arm Robot

  • Guangzu Zhang: Ph.D., December 1990
    Chief Software Engineer
    Research & Development
    R&M Biomettrics, Inc.
    5611 Ohio Avenue
    Nashville, TN 37209
    Phone : (615)350-7866
    Thesis: 3D object shape acquisition using a hybrid active and passive stereo approach