2002 Publications

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Ph.D. Dissertations

Uttapol Smutkupt, Simulation of an Internet-Based Remote Assembling System, Ph.D. Dissertation, Vanderbilt University, August 2002.

Surachai Suksakulchai, A Behavior Monitoring Architecture for a Mobile Robot, Ph.D. Dissertation, Vanderbilt University, August 2002.

Masters Theses

Turker Keskinpala, Knowledge Sharing and Visual Perception Correction for Mobile Robots, Masters Thesis, Vanderbilt University, December 2002.

Anak Bijayendrayodhin, Design of the Peer Agent for Multi-Robot Communication in an Agent-Based Robot Control Architecture, Masters Thesis, Vanderbilt University, May 2002.

Kanok Kusumalnukool, The Robot Self-Agent for Mobile Robot, Masters Thesis, Vanderbilt University, May 2002.