Vanderbilt Segway RMP Project Home Page

The CIS has developed many applications of innovative memory structures for robots in the past, and has achieved much success through the use of the Sensory EgoSphere memory structure the humanoid robot ISAC. We are now ready to proceed to the next step in inter-robot control/communication by fusing the sensory information of our humanoid with that of a mobile robot helper, the Segway RMP.

Figure 1: The Segway RMP providing ISAC with a Barney Doll

The Segway RMP is a powerful, robust mobile robot with an extremely small footprint and zero turning radius. As such, it should provide a powerful platform to deploy as a mobile workstation for ISAC. ISAC will be able to control the Segway RMP through the sharing of the SES of the Segway to accomplish tasks that the stationary ISAC could not achieve in the past.

In the future, this project should show promise for the development of multi-robot teaming with true sensor fusion. There are many applications for such a moving platform, including the assistance of humanoid robots elsewhere (such as NASA's Robonaut) or even for use in hazardous laboratory or medical environments.

Currently, we have designed and installed a stabilizing platform on the Segway RMP. This will allow the implementation of some more traditional mobile- robot navigation techniques requiring a stable platform.