The Human-Machine Teaming (HMT) Laboratory provides 450 square feet of space for general computing and robot preparation and testing.

The HMT Laboratory currently is equipped with

  • One CoroWare Explorer outdoor robot with pan-tilt camera and Hokuyo laser range finder.
  • Three ActivMedia Pioneer 3-DX mobile robots with Linux on-board processors, rear ultrasonic sonar, gyroscope, and wireless Ethernet.
    • Two robots are equipped with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) NTSC complete camera package and Hokuyo Laser Range finder.
    • One robot is equipped with a complete SICK Laser Range Finder package.

All computers and robots are connected to the departmental and University network. Available software includes a variety of general-purpose software as well as Java, C, and C++ software development environments; however, the main development environment is C and C++. A number of robotic simulator packages are available including Player/Stage and the USAR Simulator.

The HMT lab uses TechSmith’s MORAE usability evaluation software for conducting user evaluations. MORAE automatically records a number of evaluator specified objective interaction measures, records the human-software interactions into a video file, records evaluation participant audio and video, provides remote monitor of evaluations, etc. The HMT lab has successfully used MORAE to conduct a number of evaluations. The majority of these evaluations have been conducted in the laboratory, but the lab has also conducted remote user evaluations via TechSmith’s UserVue capabilities.

Additional usability assessment tools include:

  • One BioHarness portable heart rate and telemetry monitor.