CenterSpace on PhoneHuman-computer interaction needs to be designed with a strong emphasis on the human. The goal of our human-computer interaction research is to design interaction techniques, visualizations, and interfaces that are optimized for a human user across various types of electronic devices. Interaction techniques are designed to provide improved control, precision, flexibly, ease of use, and learnability for interface controls, fine-grained data, and precise input specification. Visualization methods focus on providing users with an overall understanding of the system as well as the details necessary to perform tasks with accuracy and efficiency. User interfaces are developed that incorporate the interaction techniques and visualization methods to meet the needs of real world domains, such as emergency response and command-and-control scenarios.

We strive to support our research with clear, accurate, and informative statistics based on user evaluations. Task performance of the human is precisely logged to provide greater insights into the benefits of the developed systems.