Our robotic cognition research goal is to provide robots with situation awareness that augments autonomous capabilities and improves HRI.  Research related to situation awareness focuses on humans’ ability to obtain an awareness of the situation. As autonomous robotic capabilities improve, it becomes necessary for robots to understand the immediate situation in order to respond and interact properly with other robots or humans. Currently robots exhibit limited situation awareness. Robots can perceive and process information from the environment, but true comprehension of the information and projection of the information to determine future actions is often only possible for very limited domains. Developing a complete situation awareness capability requires an extensive set of system mechanisms. The HMT Laboratory has validated a preliminary robotic forgetting mechanism based on human forgetting.

The development of the forgetting algorithm is the first step towards developing a robotic situation awareness and cognition capability. We plan to to develop the capabilities necessary to obtain robotic situation awareness. Robotic situation awareness provides the potential to improve the autonomous capabilities of robots. Additionally, robotic situation awareness should facilitate mixed-initiative interaction between robots and humans. The HMT Laboratory’s future endeavors will focus on how the situation awareness capabilities effect robot autonomy, and more importantly impact HRI. The hypothesis is that improved robot situation awareness will provide a broader span of control for humans, while also improving humans’ understanding of robot activities.

Current Projects

Developmental Robotics in Continuous Domains

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Synthetic Cognitive Agent Situational Awareness Components

Robotic Forgetting